Isabelle zero waste blogger

I’ve never owned much of anything. In my circle, I’ve always been the one with the fewest clothes, the fewest pairs of shoes, the fewest decoration items, the fewest pieces of furniture. When I moved to Switzerland, all my possessions fitted in a single truck. I might though have more kitchen utensils than clothes. I love the clean flavours of simple homemade dishes with farm organic ingredients. Going to the market on Sundays is for me a real pleasure since I got back to Belgium. I can stay there touching, smelling and tasting products for hours. After the market, nothing is better than a bike ride ending on a sun-soaked pavement café.


You figured it out, I enjoy simple things. They are the best. Falling asleep to the murmur of a river, sharing a laugh with friends over dinner, taking a quiet and warm nap with one’s cat on rainy days, picking fruit and eating it fresh, feeling the sun warming one’s skin… less is more, that’s for sure. This is how this adage invited itself into my daily life in Brussels. Less material goods for more peace of mind, less industry for more tradition and health, less waste for more happiness.

Less is more.


Therefore, going zero waste made sense to me. All I had to do was to sort my few things, acquire some basic zero waste material and change a few habits. To this end, the book of Bea Johnson was truly inspirational. Buying second hand, swaping disposables for reusables, buying in bulk and at the counter, refusing useless items, making my own commodities, finding new utilities to objects etc. are now part of my daily life.


I found out that you can transition to a zero waste lifestyle with a small budget, as long as you get the time to compare prices and search for good deals. That’s just perfect, Inpector Gadget is one of my many nicknames. Let the rest of the world benefit from it! Jack and Gaia are in da place, the blog where you’ll find all my zero waste experiences. DIY, recipes, lifestyle, tips, useful addresses in Brussels… take your pick for ideas and inspiration.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


I’m aware that my individual deeds won’t save the planet. However, I cannot conceive doing otherwise. As a big fan of Gandhi, I think we must start to take action one day. Why waiting for everyone else to get started? The marginal of today is the future of tomorrow. I’m convinced of it.